28 January 2020

A team from Nottingham Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Units has launched a new £100,000 appeal for a state-of-the-art equipment with the help of NET.

Today (January 28) hospital staff undertook an incubator push after taking the tram from their QMC base to the city centre.

The Baby MRI Appeal is being run by Nottingham Hospitals Charity as part of its Big Appeal for the Children’s Hospital.

It follows the successful completion of the Charity’s £1.6 million Big iMRI Appeal to provide an MRI for use on children needing brain surgery.

It is expected that the iMRI suite will be operational by this autumn and the latest is raising funds for a unique incubator which can be used within an adult MRI machine, providing a safe and protected environment for babies who need scans. Each year the Neonatal Units at QMC and City Hospital see over 1,500 babies, many of whom will need to undergo MRI scans.

For these babies the standard method of MRI scanning can be disruptive and difficult as they have to be transferred out of their normal incubators and into an adult MRI scanner.

The new ‘Baby MRI’ incubator is an all-in-one scanning environment for a baby, keeping them comfortable and protecting them from noise.

This means that many babies can sleep through the scanning procedure without need for sedation or added stress.

You can read the full story here https://www.nottinghamhospitalscharity.org.uk/news/baby-mri-appeal-launches-with-city-centre-incubator-push/

To make a donation, visit: www.nottinghamhospitalscharity.org.uk.