Tram Services - Major Incidents
12 January 2018

Following this morning’s disruption - the result of a police incident at The Arboretum and the serious fire which has closed Nottingham Railway Station - tram services have resumed across the network but cannot stop at the station.

Anyone wishing to travel to the this part of the city centre is advised to use the NCT 48 or 49 bus services, which will be accepting tram tickets, to complete their journey.

A NET spokesman said: “Police closed Waverley Street this morning and, because of this, we were unable to run any services south of The Forest. Unfortunately the road closure occurred before we could get any of our trams to the south side of the network, which meant services from Toton Lane and Clifton South to the city centre and beyond were unable to operate. Trams were still able to run from Hucknall and Phoenix Park to The Forest and back.

“Shortly after 11.00am the police allowed Waverley Street to be re-opened and services were then able to run to Old Market Square.

The situation was compounded by the major fire at the railway station and we were unable to resume services to Toton Lane and Clifton South until given the all clear at around 1.45pm. Trams are now running with some delays but they are still unable to stop at the station.

“We are continually monitoring developments and will update customers via our website, social media channels and passenger information displays. “We do, of course, apologise for the inconvenience these separate incidents have caused to our customers and we thank them for their patience. We will recommence services to the station just as soon as we are able.”