Choose Travel To Uni From 69p A Day!

It’s that time of year again where if you’re a student, you can’t stop thinking about studying, stationary and partying; but don’t forget - getting from A to B is also essential!

Whether you are travelling to your next lecture, gig, party or even going shopping for those last minute bits, the tram is the best way to travel in and around Nottingham. Not only do we offer a nice comfortable stylish ride but our Academic Year Student pass is ONLY £229 which can be used at any time over our full network!

We offer a number of season tickets to suit your budget including academic term passes from £89, Academic year passes at £229 or an annual pass for only £259!

It really is as simple as it is cheap – all you have to do is make a one off payment in full and you get unlimited travel! Just pop into our Travel Centre with your student ID and make payment or purchase online here.*

*Please note when your pass has expired, you will need to pop back to our Travel Centre for a new one.

Student MANGO

Another option for Students is our Student MANGO card (for students in full time education - a valid student ID is required).

With this rechargeable card you no longer have to worry about having the right amount of cash on you when you travel. You can even set-up auto top-ups, so when your credit drops below a set amount, funds will automatically go onto your card so you're never caught short. MANGO works like an oyster card; you simply top your MANGO up with credit from your online account, and touch it on and off using the validators at our tram stops.

Get a card or top up from a tram stop ticket machine (top up only at some machines), the NET travel centre on King Street, Trent Barton shops or online.

All fares just £1

Daily cap is £3.70

7 day cap is £16

28 day cap is £49

For more information on MANGO, click here. 

Just in case...

Just in case you prefer to use cash, we also have a Student cash return available for just £2.50. These can be purchased from our Ticket Machines - please ensure you have a valid student ID with you when purchasing this ticket.