25 August 2021

Essential maintenance being carried out by Network Rail in the Bulwell Forest area means tram services will need to be suspended between Hucknall and Bulwell for an expected two and half hour period early this Sunday morning, 29 August, between 6am and 8:30am.

A dedicated bus replacement service between Hucknall and Bulwell will be provided during this time which will also stop near to Butler's Hill, Moor Bridge, Bulwell Forest and the Bulwell Tram Stops. Andrew Conroy, chief operating officer of Tramlink, said:

“Although this is not tram related maintenance, Network Rail needs tram services to be suspended temporarily in order to complete the work. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this will cause but we expect it to only be for a short limited period and the bus replacement services will enable people to complete their journeys.”

A NET Tram Bus replacement service will be available at the following stops:

  • Hucknall Tram Stop – Hucknall Park and Ride
  • Butler’s Hill Tram Stop - Nottingham Road (Jenny Burton Way) – Northbound stop AS0212 Southbound stop AS0493
  • Moor Bridge Tram Stop - Hucknall Lane (Aston Drive) – Northbound stop BU74 Southbound stop BU120
  • Bulwell Forest Tram Stop - Hucknall Lane (Squire Avenue) – Northbound stop BU22 Southbound stop BU33
  • Bulwell Tram Stop – Bulwell Tram Stop

If you have any queries or would like to speak to us about this further then please get in touch:


Additional Information


Bulwell Forest Information (PDF)

Bulwell Information (PDF)

Butler's Hill Information (PDF)

Moor Bridge Information (PDF) 

Hucknall Information (PDF) 


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