City Centre Tram Trips For Just £1!
24 December 2016
Nottingham’s tram network has introduced a new ticket that makes it even cheaper for shoppers and commuters making short journeys within the city centre.

NET’s new City s‘HOP’per ticket offers single trips on the tram for just £1 between the network’s Nottingham Station and Nottingham Trent University stops.

The ticket offers a significant saving on the network’s standard £1.70 single fare and is available from tram stop ticket machines at the Lace Market, Old Market Square and Royal Centre as well as the Station and NTU stops.

Jamie Swift, NET’s Head of Marketing, explained: “We’ve listened to feedback from our customers and we’re sure this new ticket will prove very popular with those that like the convenience of making short trips between our popular city centre stops.”

“With trams travelling through the city centre from every 3 minutes, the ticket will provide great value if your bags are feeling a bit too heavy after a day of shopping or you need to quickly get to the station and catch a train.”

As well as introducing the new ticket, NET has also increased the child age limit from 16 to up to and including 18 across all its fares from Sunday 27 November.

Jamie added: “Now that scholars must remain in education or training until they are 18 we have decided to raise the age limit, where applicable, on our wide range of fares.

“This increase in the limit should provide a great saving for youngsters and we hope it encourages as many of them as possible to continue to use the tram when travelling to and from school, college or their apprenticeship placement.”