Changes To Skylink Express Route
23 October 2017
The skylink express route for people travelling between Nottingham and East Midlands Airport is set to change.

The trentbarton bus service will no longer pick up from NET’s Clifton South Park & Ride site from Sunday 29 October.

Tram customers wishing to connect with the skylink express can still do so from Nottingham Station or close to NET’s stop at Wilford Lane.

Tom Morgan, director of service delivery at skylink operator trentbarton, explained: “skylink express launched in January 2016 and has gone from strength to strength.

“Since the introduction of the new bus stop in Wilford we have seen a reduction in the number of customers using the Clifton Park and Ride tram stop.

“Due to this lack of demand and the time it takes to serve the Clifton Park and Ride site we are withdrawing this stop and instead giving customers an even more direct service.”

For more information about the skylink express, please visit trentbarton's website