Anniversary Video
Anniversary Video Celebrates Tram Success
11 March 2019

The successful return of trams to the streets of Nottingham is being celebrated with the release of a new video marking NET’s 15th anniversary.

The short film illustrates significant milestones passed over the past decade and a half, including the opening of the two new lines to Clifton South and Toton Lane in 2015.

Covering interesting facts about the award-winning network, the video clearly demonstrates how NET has become central to city life - and the lives of the tens of thousands of people who travel by tram every day.

Stephanie Moss-Pearce, NET Marketing Manager, explained: “This significant anniversary provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on just how far we’ve come since the network opened in March 2004.

“We’ve seen the tram continue to grow in popularity and, following the opening of the new lines with the addition of 28 tram stops, customer numbers have risen significantly with passenger journeys already hitting 17.8 million a year and rising.

“Since 2004 the tram fleet has clocked up over 15 million miles and thanks to the efforts of a strong team of people, they’re destined to deliver a sterling, hugely reliable, service for many years to come.”

The video, which can be viewed below this article, also showcases the network’s key achievements, the work being undertaken by staff to support the local community and the way in which the tram fleet has been named after some of Nottingham’s most famous citizens.

“Over the coming weeks we’ll be marking this milestone anniversary in a number of ways. It’s clear the city has taken the tram to its heart and we’re committed to working tirelessly to continue to improve services and the customer experience,” Stephanie said.